Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Australia Day long weekend in Hobart

Well this post is a bit of a long one.  Hope you can bear with me.

Friday morning doing the mad dash to my 7.45 am flight ex Sydney. Why is it that when you are late time just seems to disappear from your schedule particularly and when heading to the airport. hmmmm

As I headed into Hobart to land I noticed our shadow on the water.  

Australia does have the most amazing coast line. 
Jen met me at the airport arriving just 1/2 an hour after we landed from Sydney.

The view from our digs just off Sandy Bay Road.  Apartments on Star which are walking distance to just about everywhere and were more then comfortable.  If you are looking for a locale this one is great and highly recommended. 
Down on the Derwent river just a little way from the apartment.

Making our way out to Jackman & McRoss for a coffee and a late breaky/lunch.

The area has period homes from mansions to miners cottages everywhere you turn, with lovely little gardens.   

Our pimped up cheese platter.
The view from apartment with the sun setting looking out over the Derwent river   The changing evening sky.

Saturday morning we headed off to Salamanca markets at Salamanca Place in Hobart. These markets are massive there over 300 stalls with a huge variety of local produce and everything in between.  Well worth a visit if you get a chance. 

From the market we spotted the RV Investigator docked so we went and checked it out.  It is part the National research & CSIRO and is getting ready for her maiden voyage apparently in March 15.

From this point we started to meander back where we stumbled into a pub for a couple of quite ales.  After getting over the shock that they don't have any Extra dry I settled for the local Cascade Blonde, which i might like to add was fab.  :)

 Things you find along the road.
 Yes there is such a lane.  
The cheese platter of the day beckoned.  We were getting good at them by this stage.   

The ever changing view.

So on Sunday we jumped the ferry to MONA the Museum of of New and Old Art. 

The fun starts in the newly refurbished tourist dock where you connect with the purpose built ferry.  

Some of the structures before entering the museum.

The Museum itself is cut into the limestone and heads underground for a couple of levels.  

All of these pieces and more are currently on display.  You know I'm not going to bang on about it.  If you are out and about in Hobart I would suggest you pop it on your list of things to do.  It is an experience to be had either with someone or on your own.  Take your time and wander around.  Between the art, sculptures, people watching and the ever changing scenery there are many food options and the staff are lovely you are bound to enjoy it as I did.

I think one of the things I love about this place is that it is privately owned and operated.     

If you want to find out more about the set up of MONA then do your homework and go find it out.  There is a story there and it is interesting to see the power of ONE.

Jen Jen had us booked into the Source restaurant at Mona for a 3 course degustation lunch with matching wines.  Happy Birthday to us...  Don't ask me how but she has done it again.

Our view.

Starter:  Tomato jelly, basil mousse & amuse' bouche'.

Entree:  Morton bay bugs with poached apples and wasabi & lime emulsion OMG yum.
I'm only going to show you my empty plate.  

Mains:  Hare ribs, loin & pulled leg with turnip, black pudding creme poached gooseberry with an amazing broth reduction. 

I found this course extremely rich and struggled a tad.  But if you closed your eyes it was like eating lamb.  

Lucky for me Jen liked the bottom one.  Which was along the lines of cherries on a biscuit strip and red cabbage ice cream.  I'm not doing it justice.  But you know I don't think I've ever seen Jen so excited over a dessert.  So you know it was great as it wasn't overly sweet.

Mine the top one...  OMG, grilled fig, the chocolate buscuity thing, and ice cream.  Fantastic. Seriously I love figs, chocolate and ice cream.  Totally died and gone to heaven - GET IN MY BELLY....  haahahha  Deliciously delectable.

What a total treat this experience was.  If you are looking to celebrate or splash out on a culinary delight then don't hesitate to pop along here and have the experience.  

With full bellies we hung out in the sun and enjoyed the arvo with some more people watching and reading.

Back on board the ferry to head back into Hobart.

The following are some happy snaps of the flora. 

The light was fabulous in the evenings.  Sunday night packing and getting ready for our flights out.

What can you say about Hobart?  

A city rich in history, culture and culinary delight that is walkable with great regional produce. The locals are more then welcoming and the ever changing light from the blistering sun in the middle of the day to cool evenings.  I've decided that to live there you would need to be a tough to cope with the long winters and the chill that creeps in.  But if you are a nature lover and can suck it up through the hot summers and the chilly winters then it would be a smashing place to hang out.

I headed home to collect this little guy.  He seems to have changed in only 4 days away. Nan has spoilt him rotten.  When I got to her house Darcy boi had decided he wanted to tear up a puppy training pad which was scattered all over the place.  Goodness me.  After doing a quick vac and mop out we were on our way.  I think Nan is happy to have a couple of days peace.

What a checky boi.  He is thicker through the chest and his little face is full of expression and inquiry.  He is getting braver and looking to explore more, 10 weeks old this week, but he still loves a cuddle.  

Have a great week all.