Sunday, May 19, 2013

Family affair of sorts....

Winter my style.  You wouldn't believe it was May.
Early morning walk - just wonderful.  Sun on my skin just to warm up a bit.

My sister sent me a little parcel last week of 
2 1/2 inch strips to add into this #scraptripalong.  

It just amazes me what you can sneak into it.  

It was great to have someone else's scraps. She chooses different fabrics to me batiks and a few  brights. This will tweak the overall look of the quilt.  

Not to mention that she had them all cut at the 2 1/2 inches for me. Thanks Sis.

3 blocks done, 10 more in progress.  

I might have to start cutting into some fat quarters to bulk it out a bit.  Or maybe just a big border of some sorts.  Will just have to wait and see.

My brother and his girlfriend went to Japan recently. Lucky for me they just happened along a trash and treasure market (LOL as one does). Some of what they managed to find for me.  Bless them. Nice huh. I really like the top one.  

Oh to go to Japan... November - Yokohama quilt show..... Could I get there.
I have had a little change to my plans for the year. I've missed uni for this session class was booked out. So I have a couple of weeks to fill up with what ever I like. 

Which means my last subject will just be finishing up in the week in November for when the show is planned. Oh well. I will just have to wait and see what I can get organised.

Anyway that's about it.  Happy sewing/stitching and crafting..  

Kath x x x x

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Wedding shananigans

Another wedding this year.  I'm loving sharing friends special days.  

Purple everywhere.  
Gosh it was chilly on the beach.

The Derby Girl got her man.. . . . . 

Not a dry eye from all those gathered. The recognition of love and shared moments in ones life.

Skating into the reception the Bride and Groom had a great night and partied on with friends and family.

Vamped up - and looking beautiful as only she can.

Love you both
Kath x x x