Sunday, February 10, 2013

Reusing = cheap & cheerful

So I went digging through a box of scraps to see if I had any pieces large enough to pop into the scrappy trip along.  The scrap box is now half, a bag to go out (cant imagine using some of it) and a pile for this project.  

Amazing what gets shoved into the "scrap box".   When i'm in tidy up mode whatever is floating about is shoved in.  So there were a couple of surprises.  

$2.00 for 1/2 a meter of fabric at Spotlight?   Cant go wrong with that...   

Happy Birthday to me...  LOL Happy Birthday to meeee....  hehehehe....

My fabulous sister sent me the Sunday Morning quilts and a bag that she's made.  I cant get a good pic of the bag so i'm not sharing.      

My present to me is some of the Ghastlies fabric.  Im undecided as to what I love the most "Sebastian Ghastlie" or "Mildred, Magda or Minerva Grislie".  Now I know I wont be planning anything RIGHT NOW with it.  But you know.  I love this range and if I don't grab some then I miss out...  :)

Just touching back on last weeks organised salad boxes and veg bags....  Even thou I have been sick through the week it did actually work a treat.  No thought required.  Dinner all sorted.  

So one guess what I will be doing this afternoon.

Feels good to get some motivation back to get organised.  
Have a great week.

K x 

Sunday, February 3, 2013


What on earth is all the fuss about?  

Crafter's are going crazy on it globally...........  It has seriously gone viral.  If you haven't seen it then pop onto intsagram or just Google "#scrappytripalong" .   

i found a tutorial from Bonnie K Hunter scrappy-trips-around-world.  Bonnie has provided easy peasy instructions.  Cant go wrong on that one.  Well you could you need to pay attention when unpicking.  doh.

Ok well I get it now.  LOL I couldn't help myself....  

Another option of clearing out some of the scrap box.    Simple, effective and a breeze to whip up.  Thanks Bonnie.

Now I'm not saying I'm going to do up anything massive.  just clearing out some of the scrap box to get the pile down a tad. 

Are you an organised person mid week?  

Generally speaking I tend to not be as organised at home as what I could be.  

This week I've got it in the bag.  Lunches all sorted for the week.  :)  

Salad boxes made up for work and bags of veg's to steam for dinner with protein serves.  Done and dusted.  Lets see how I go with this one.

Have a great week everyone.

I might try and squeeze in a couple more blocks for the scrappy trip along.

K x 

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Back to life as we know it . . . . .

Well 5 weeks of holiday came and went in the blink of an eye.

So good just to have a rest and re focus on whats important.  Set a few goals for the year and remind myself that there is light at the end of the tunnel for uni days.  2 more subjects and Im done.  This semester Marketing Management.  Sounds interesting huh.  

Amazing when you start out on something it all just looks so big, daunting and scary.  But when you start chipping away at it it becomes achievable.  I'm looking forward to personally acknowledging my efforts and celebrating my end results.

I've been looking for some inspiration for some sewing...  I want to start something new......  

Image borrowed from Hancocks Paducah fabric catalog..  How fabulous does it look.  

I'm in love with the Ghastlies range from Alexander Henry.  But i'm trying my hardest to be good and use some of what is shoved in the cupboard......  and save my pennies for when I actually have time to sew.

there is a '4' in my years now...  LOL amazing that I can actually read again...  :)  See text messages and read on the screen...  

Miss S having a wonderful play at the park and on the waters edge.  So wonderful to see her happy and having a visit with us in Wollongong.

That's about it for the time being.  I will have my head buried in a textbook from next week for a couple of months.  Fingers crossed I can find some time for some sewing...

Keep an eye out for me..

K x