Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Ok... So ...... NO MORE SHOPPING

At least for this week anyway.....

Ok, so some would think that I might have slowed down after 6 fabrics, but oh no. 
As you can tell by the pics, I didn't see any stop signs. 

And you know I just couldn't resist.  They all just looked so good blended in together.   The blues and greens..  Nice.  I love the green one with the little blue flowers.
and Then I found some yellows and reds. 

I couldn't pick a favorite.  So I just got some of them all.  There are about 21 - 20 different prints all up.  

I think this little haul will keep me going for a bit.  :)) 

Ok, so maybe no more purchases till I pull something out of the craft room....... 

Promise.  (fingers are crossed)...  Do I do patchwork/craft....  Maybe I just purchase the fabric and squirrel it away... 

Happy sewing all.  Oh and if you have a fabric affliction like me...  then share it with the world....  Dont hide it, celebrate it.....  

K x

Monday, May 30, 2011

Is there such a thing as too much shopping?

Put the fabric down and walk away quitely.....  Well that didnt happen....  LOL
I figure sometimes its good for the soul to shop.. 

And then there are other times of where the machine is zooming through the next project.

Anyway, Im thinking a quilt by numbers might be just what I need.  Something to get me going where I dont have to think too hard and I can throw it together really quickly. 

Oh and the end result should be lovely.

Happy weeks.
Kath x

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Denyse Schmidt ME......

Well some of the Denyse Schmidt range has finally hit my local Spotlight. I have been harassing the ladies for the past couple of weeks...  :))   I managed to get in store today and grab 1/2 metre of what they had so far.  We have our fingers crossed the remaining range will be in store on Monday or Tuesday.  

The ladies in my local store have been so helpful, giving me a call when the fabric arrived and having me some precut today on their 20% off sale day, and then another 20 % voucher discount.  Sensational....  How is that for a bargain and a half.......  Couldn't have asked for better customer service.  So thanks spotlight ladies.. you guys rocked today.

There is a project brewing..... 

There is something on my design wall that is boring boring boring...  well to tell you the truth, I'm just not happy with it...  something that I started and it isn't looking like I thought it would look.  So I'm ripping it off ASAP and poping it in a bag to stash it away till I can think of something to do with it...  But I'm going to start something that works for me a bit better.  ... 

I've been working heaps lately in the day job, it's that time of year in my world, where it is on for young and old.  So while it is on I work.  Cause when it is off then it is off. 

My thoughts and prays, are going out to friends that I have spoken to this week having surgeries and with people close to them not well.  It's a crazy world we all live in, and some times we have scares...  the clock stops for a few minutes in our lives and sometimes we need to take stock, and slow it down figure out what is important and whats not.  I'm cherishing those close and praying for those in need of some kind thoughts for their speedy recoveries and time with loved ones..  Love to you all....... 

Kath x

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Out & About . . . .. . . . . .

Well I got out and about today. 
Taking in my surrounds.

This is near a new kiddie park.  The sea gulls all lined up.  Looking hungry.

The local outdoor pool.  & yes there was a couple swimming.  Mind you it has been quite balmy particularly as the couple of weeks we have had recently.  :)))
Love this walk, on the flat.  No effort required and just lovely to take in the freash sea air, watch the birds play and the family's out for their sunday afternoon walks with kids on pushbikes, skate boards.  Having fun. 

Enjoy your week
K x

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

PoinTy End of the BusIneSs

Well I have been hoping to get back into the sewing room..  But unfortunately, I'm at the pointy end of the semester, papers due, exams, and review review review.......

so it is a little bit like this......

And not much sewing and creativity.....
Be back soon..
Enjoy, share your creativity with me and i can live vicariously through you....  :))

Sunday, May 1, 2011

SoMetHing to Get insPired AbouT........

So I thought I would share LOL yes I have been trawling again....  .  Just happened to stumble over this blog.  Love it.  Hand dyed & stitched.  Now this is inspirational.  Talk about creative these ladies are the bomb.

work in progress: Wedding Fever!

Well it was a good excuse to sit a...
: "Wedding Fever! Well it was a good excuse to sit at my sewing machine in front of the television and quilt my lichen quilt. It's amazing ho..."

and this one is for Sister Sue......  Cause I know she will love the flower on the dollie in the banner...  :))  Now that is something you could do with all those dollies at my place....  Maybe ownership is 9/10ths of the law.......  h ah ha ha ha ha ah ha ah (witchy laugh) Just joking..

We had the most wonderful autumn day here today in Wollongong.  The sun was out and it was a very lovely day.  So after a big power walk around the harbour on the "Blue Mile" and a swim.  Getting some sun on my bones was sensational.  I will make sure to get some pictures next time.  So you can see what I'm seeing....

I headed out for lunch locally with the family in celebration of my big brothers birthday. 
Happy Birthday for in a couple days time ole boy. 
Chris and Sue

Have a great week all.
K x