Saturday, March 26, 2011

AnOtHer IdEa - AlWaYs fulL Of iDeAs..........

Its voting day here in NSW, Australia. Local state government that is.  Boring....  The last government god bless them have sold off our power companies to private organisations. 
I wonder what the new will do.  Anywhoo..  As I said, boring.......

Today's to do list.....
Vote, Check.
Ticket in 20 million lottery draw, Check.  Cause you never know... :))
And this the cover says, "we introduce our exciting mystery block of the month program....."
Too cute, blanket stitched applique. So I was thinking I might just do it.  Does anyone want to join me??? 

I like doing mystery quilts.. This is one I've completed previously as a mystery quilt from another quilting magazine. 
I enjoyed doing doing this one, because I didn't know what the end project would look like obviously cause it is meant to be a mystery right.  :)))  So pretty, the purples all came together beautifully.  I just added on the runner on the bottom of the hearts on the cream just to add some extra lengthen. 

So I was thinking this could be a fun quilt along in blog land...  and if you want to share pics along the way as to your choice in the different colour combinations you end up choosing....

If anyone wants to join me let me know..  Other than that I will bore you all silly as I quilt along on my own adventure.  :))

Happy Sewing
Kath x

Sunday, March 20, 2011

WeEkEnd HapPenings

Ive had a great weekend.  Not so crafty.  But lots of catching up with friends with dancing, drinking and heaps of laughs thrown in.  What more can a girl ask for. 
A lovely friend celebrated his 30th birthday this weekend.  What a great party, everyone had their dancing shoes on, sensational band playing and I do believe everyone had a great night.  Well I certainly did anyway ;).  So thank you for your hospitality, I enjoyed seeing you in your world, with your loved ones. x x x

I'd like to say that I fully support the legalisation of same sex marriage.  I'm looking forward to a time when I can attend friends weddings regardless of their choice in partner and celebrate their love for one another and their commitment.  Real Simple.  If only our leaders could stop debating and recognise the shift in our society and embrace this civil liberty for all.  Bring it on.

I did mention that I would be cooking this weekend.  Well another friend set me up with a menu plan for a week.  (thanks Wendy)  So dinner tonight was stuffed eggplant.  Yum.  This was delish.

And I've got enough left for tomorrow night.  I have a late night at uni so this will be great.  And it isn't heavy either.  It is supposed to have rice in it.  But I forgot to get some.  So this one is just Tuna & Veg.  Very tasty and quick to pull it all together and pop it in the oven.

And this is my flummery.  It is so lovely and fluffy.  Not too sweet at all.

4 - 5 ingredients Easy peasy no stress dessert.
1 can carnation milk
jelly - green obviously
1 cup water for the jelly
1 peppermint crisp broken up

Make sure the carnation milk has been chilling overnight if possibly.  Make your jelly up.  Chill it but don't let it start to set.  Mine had started to set so I was whisking it.

Beat the carnation milk.  It will basically double, add the jelly then spoon through the peppermint crisp.  I added in a couple of drops of vanilla essence.  But not necessary.

Did I mention it is lovely.  Light, fluffy and chocolate through it.

So there we have it.
No crafting.  Heaps of fun, good friends and good food. 

Lets see where this week takes me.  :)

Kath x

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Stubborn is as stubborn does...............

You know, what can one expect?
When you are stubborn then you are stubborn.  You cant hide from it.  It just is.

How often do you back down?  Have you or are you getting worse with age?
Do you take the time to understand someone elses opinions and needs?
Or do you just take the stubborn stance? Stand there tough as?  Alone in your stubbornness?

Maybe you just think it and let it go? Or maybe you don't? 

Maybe you are just as stubborn as me ;) (wink)....  Maybe you are more stubborn then me?
LOL Who knows...  maybe what is to be is to be?

Stubborn, stubborn, stubborn.......

I thought I'd cook this weekend. 



** pic to come once I have made it.... 

I have fond memories of my mum making it when we were kids.  She would make it on green jelly & crushed peppermint crisps...  Which was always a huge hit.

May the stubbornness find a release.  Or at least an open heart to accept things.

& may my flummery be as good as mum's used to be.
Happy mid week.
K x

Friday, March 11, 2011

Shhh... DoN't TeLL AnyOnE

Someone thinks I'm mad... What do you do with all that fabric...  Is it tucked in everywhere in your house, flowing out of cupboards, under the bed...  you have a whole room for sewing??? 

LOL welcome. . . . . .  to my world.  My addiction..  Beautiful fabric.

Another addition to the cupboard.  I just loved this range, the colours are beautiful.  Nest by Valori Wells
Colours that I wouldn't ordinarily select.
I'm thinking a traditional pieced quilt.  Stay tuned for where it ends up :))

The weekend is here.

Woo hoo... 

Happy weekend everyone.
K x

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

hmmm... what can i say

I love to come home from work and find bundles of joy on my door step...    I See this little sticker and the drooling starts... I know what it is.  Such pretty girlie fabrics.    I'm blaming the dollar again.  :)))

This is Dolce Fat quarter bundle.  Just lovely another little addition to the stash... There is lots of pink in there.  One more to come.  No point just getting 1 may as well make it worth the effort.... 

Kath x

Sunday, March 6, 2011

study Sunday

Well i've been and tested out my predator goggles this morning.  Love them.  So comfortable... 
they now have a new home in my swim baggie.. So i know where they are when I need them.

Baked Ricotta for brunch this week.
Oh yum. yum yum

I know it dosn't look like much on the plate.  But can I say. Simple and delicious. 
Sundried tomatoes, bacon with fresh basil and spring onions from the garden.
Served with fresh bread.  Would have been great with rustic italian bread.  Oh well next time.

Not a good shot in the pan...  ;)

Whats on for the rest of the day.  Let me guess, study study study study.....
caio for now.
K x

Friday, March 4, 2011

Zoggs, Zoggs, Zoggs......

They arrived in the post today.  New goggles, t shirt and a little baggie.  The goggles have their own protective case, so no scratches.

I'm looking forward to trying them out tomorrow.
Happy weekend all.
K x