Sunday, April 13, 2014

Have you lost your sewing mojo?

Cause I certainly have. 

I walk into my craft room and shuffle stuff about for 10 mins (if i'm lucky) and then get totally overwhelmed and walk out rather quickly with nothing done.

I stand in the doorway thinking about how much I have invested in one room, from machines, to fabric and all of the paraphernalia that goes with it not to mention the space itself.  I want to get into it but there just doesn't seem to be any room in there for anything else in particular ME.  

Reading blogs of industrious others with fabulous spaces all laid out in all of their finery I struggle to just be in mine.  Perhaps it is time to stop reading about what others are doing in their beautiful spaces and start focusing on what I want to do.   

Image stolen off a Google search..... of organised craft rooms...

I would love my space to look like this but oddly it doesn't.  

You know I did my usual trick again this morning with just one small exception.  I picked up a quilt top gave it a little press, popped it into a ziplock bag, tucked it under my arm and headed off to the quilters to get it quilted.  It will take about 6 weeks to come back and you know that's ok because then I will be able to actually bind it and finish it.  Y E A.....  roars the crowd fancy that. Something actually finished.

My strategy is to move things along through the process.  Package up the completed quilt tops to be quilted and start planning out when I can get them off to the quilters. Maybe then I can put my energies into what I want to finish next and start planning out my next quilting adventure.  

What do you do when you get bogged down with your crafting?  Do you have a plan? or get a plan to get things moving?

Happy crafting all.
K x