Thursday, August 30, 2012

Tough day. . . .

Too cute...  Would be gorgeous for a new born or toddler.

Couldn't resist.  Was nice to have a little splash.  Even if it isn't going to be used straight away.

Stopped by the little shoppe in Loftus, Julies today.  Such as busy little shop and a delight to visit.  Tucked away off the main roads.  Took me ages to find it a couple of years ago.  But you know there is something about the familiarity of dropping by your favorite patchwork shop.  I think my car could just take me there.  Somethng about the connection of like minds, happy women loving and sharing their passion with others.  Always a kind word and a friendly laugh of how much do you NEED....  LOL which the response is usually "I dont need it".  He hehehe I want it though, just to sooth my soul and need to consume.

Terribly sad day today.  But you know you just pick it up and keep on shuffling along.

Life.  I wonder. . . . .   There are some strange moments in it hey.

K x

Monday, August 13, 2012

how often to we really pay attention?

Oddly you know I have actually been paying attention to things around me of late.  I'm not really sure why but some things have been jumping out.

Have you noticed?

You know generally crafters for a long time look to the latest fashion colours as they hit the furniture stores.  As they seem to be the leaders in a many colour combinations and designs.

But lately as soon as I see someone in blogland having come up with some funky new crafty pattern/concept its in the stores.  I'm wondering who is it that is coming up with the ideas.  Is it crafters or is large business or designers? 

All pictures are nicked. ( co/ Domayne online)

Anywho....  I love the Union Jack and Eiffel Tower in the cushions that I've seen.
But my question is?  not to anyone in particular mind you....  have crafty ideas and concepts gone main stream and mass produced in China? Like Typo - which I love to go for a wander thru and grab a quick couple of little things.  But is it loosing its handmade charm? Is it loosing the kitchy my Nana made that?  Or my Mum made me a quilt?

Any thoughts from the peanut gallery??

Have a great week. 

Monday, August 6, 2012

Confession time

I haven't moved in over 7 years and for one person my little townhouse/unit feels like it has been at the over flowing stage for some time.  And it has been driving me totally nut's.  I'm the girl who used to move every 2 - 3 years and de-clutter every time.  I have packed my whole life in my little Mazda 121 and moved.
There comes a point when you just have to say enough.  It might have been when I realised I couldn't fit all of my clothes in the cupboard or wardrobe and that they were everywhere??   Or I realised I had stuff shoved in every single nook and cranny in the place.  E N O U G H.....

I started with the wardrobe and have now progressed through most of the living spaces. 

The kitchen is next up.  Which shouldn't take too long.
The place feels so much better already, I can move again.  Oh and I have nice clear bench spaces which is always a good thing. 

But I must say, how difficult is it to part with things.
Oh I cant get rid of this or that, so and so gave me this and that.  Oh that's my favorite movie..  and on and on it goes.  Well I didn't listen.  If it wasn't nailed down it was out.  One car full has already gone to the opportunity shop and the recycle bin is full. 

The other clutter is the craft room. LOL I'm calling it the craft room from hell. I can't move.  I can't be creative with no space. no where to play. every surface is covered, the ironing board , the cutting table. I'm too scared to go in there???  There is limited floor space left.  I have taken pics but to tell you the truth I'm too scared to post them cause they will show how bad I have been....  *blush*....

I'm on a schedule.  Uni starts next week and I need to get organised. Or it just isn't going to work.  I'm thinking I will just close the craft room door and not iron for the next 3 months.  :)  If the rest of my living space is sorted then all will be well with the world.  And for those that know me, know that ironing isnt one of my strong points. 

If you don't see me on here for a while you know my nose will be buried in a text book on Advanced Project Management.  Two more subjects to go and I will be the proud owner of a Masters in Management...  I wonder what I will do with that?  best I not leave it in the craft room....  ;)


Happy crafting all and remember when it all gets too much....  Just shut the door.  hehehehehe

Kath x