Thursday, January 10, 2013

Scrap box days

 It has been a scrap box day today.  Everything used in this quilt-as-you-go floor/bathroom mat is from the scrap box ONLY.  Nothing snagged out of the cupboard to add to it.  That was my challenge.  Wadding and all.  

I started out pretty roughly.  A largish piece of backing fabric face down, then the wading on the backing centered top and bottom, left to right or as near as you can get it.  Don't get to finicky .  I picked some different toned scraps selecting my initial start out piece and point on the wading then sewed the randomly spaced lines. 

For each new piece I did the quarter inch seem,  then  finger pressed the piece over, and then the lines up and down again.  The lines are random widths - I didn't want it to look that accurate.  Jigsawed the different pieces to add on with ease.  The straighter the lines the better the effect.  It does use up tonnes of thread thou so keep that one in mind as you are sewing.

For the binding, I rolled the backing fabric to the front and pinned it as you would normal binding cutting off any excess as I went.  A quick zigzag on the machine and its done.  

Into the washer and see how it comes out tomorrow.  

Lessons learnt with the project?  Try and miter the corners more so its not so bulky for the machine.
Practice straight line sewing....  :)

K x x x 

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Shenanigans in Sydney

Oh my they have been few and far between of late.  I spent a couple of days catching up with friends in Sydney recently.  So good to have some time to catch up, and celebrate the new year with some more bubbles and snacks & do some fun stuff.  

J says come to Anish Kapoor with me...  Who?  Anish Kapoor who's that?  sorry textbook brain.  

Off we went to the Anish Kapoor exhibit - if you have time get along to it.  Very interesting to say the least.  

this is the first piece that's me in the reflection on the right....  and it is at the entry of the museum.
 This was really interesting.  It was moving collecting the wax as it went.  The colour amazing and full of depth.

Please turn off your flash.  Doh - how do you do that?   How great does this look.    Our reflection in the image is inverted. Oh and I did manage to turn the flash off.

This ones depth as you walk past it gives you this look that it is hollow.

Massive.  Took up the whole room.

Fascinating my total recommendation for a visit.  
Don't forget to turn your flash off if you want pics :) 

Pitt Street Mall.  Busy as ever - But renovations have happened everywhere.  Centrepoint is now a Westfield - It has been years since I have been wandering through the city.  
Obviously something I need to do more of.

Gorgeous Pete with me.  We were ready for some Yum Cha having some happy snaps.  

Imagine waking up to this view every day?  Not too shabby.

& these guys?  Loved the light and expression on their faces.  
Not to mention the party hats.  

Maybe they are all partied out after the new year celebrations - they just all look so cheeky.

Its been disgustingly hot here today.  Well over 40 degrees.  If you are elsewhere in the world where it is a bit chiller lucky you.  Waiting on a cool change to blow on through.  Fingers crossed for some sleep tonight.

Too hot to be in the sewing room.  Fingers crossed for tomorrow.
I have things to do.

K x x x x 

Healing - Comes in different ways

Sometimes you come across things and people in life just when you need them.

What you believe in is whatever you believe in.  

Some stuff - better left unsaid.  Other stuff shared.  Which is what this post is about "sharing" my experience.

I visited with someone a couple of days ago.  Along the lines of clearing out emotional blockages.  Not a clairvoyant but someone who works with auras and emotional energy.  It was strange and surreal watching  someone "remove" my emotional blockages.  Some from childhood others inherited.

Sounds weird.  I know.  But you know it felt comforting.

Whether or not it does anything long term.  I don't know, but what I do know is that the session has left me quite and at peace.

Emotions unlocked if you are interested. 

Sessions can be Skyped or on the phone.  I'm under the impression after the initial chat you could leave her with it.  So she can do her thing.

No need to bring out all your baggage for all and sundry.  
Does not change anything about who you are or what you might believe.

But it may assist in changing some of personal patterns and the way you might handle different situations.  You may find something you feel as thou you are missing.  Who knows.  I'm sure everyone's experiences are very different. 

What I do know is that it didn't hurt.  She was kind and open and even managed to get a hug out of me.  :)  

Would I do it again?  Yes, I would.


K x x x