Monday, December 24, 2012

The fat man is on his way

Merry Christmas everyone

There is something about taking the time to cook over the Christmas period that I love.  I went trawling through my recipe books looking for a baked cheese cake.  Finally I remembered - Nan used to make a great one.  I went digging through her gorgeous recipe book which is falling apart and stuffed full of all the useful tit bits that a budding housewife needs along with all of her treasured recipes.  I love seeing all of the families different hand writing of different recipes over the years, tried and tested favorite recipes handed around the family.  

Just in case anyone needs any hints on how to be a good housewife.  :)

Recent work road trip.

Lake George - En-route to Canberra (the capital of Australia - Just for those interested)  You can actually see water which is amazing.  The water had been lapping at the road a good 30 years ago but over the years of drought it had dried up.  Fingers crossed for more rain I would love to see it at capacity again.

I will be enjoying some of the simple pleasures over the silly season including time with loved ones, food, laughter and love.   Oh and sun on this side of the planet.  Lots and lots of sun and warm weather.

May you all have a safe and happy holiday.  

K x  

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Do you freecycle?

Its a simple concept, pass on what you are not using to someone who can. given and received - with good outcomes all around.

Saves on land fill, cuts out middle men Oh and you get something that you want/need for free.  Could it get any better?

Well my latest acquisition was an overlocker.  Who gives away an overlocker I ask you.....  a little old lady who said she just popped it back in the box and hasn't had a chance to use it.

I set it up and it didn't work - doh but tell you the truth it looked like it had hardly been used.  The needle area was all jammed up.  Off it went to a repairer, $95.00 later and I have a working overlocker.

I'm looking forward to putting it to use in the formidable sewing room.

I've been collecting fabric and patterns for skirts.  My mum's booked in for a couple of lessons when we get the chance to get it happening.

Have you ever freecycled?  Did you have good experiences?

K x

Saturday, December 8, 2012

seriously - more fabric

I couldn't resist hitting the sales in the US last week.  What can I say....  Hmmmmm  something else to add to the fabric stash.

I must say I do love this range from echino I picked it up from Pink Castle Fabrics.  At an absolute steal.  

and this one is Odds and ends by Cosmo Cricket for Moda - positive affirmations on fabric - makes me happy. :)

I went to a fashion parade the other night at Wendi Leigh Designs.  She is a local dress maker here in the Illawarra making a statement on a local level and online, connecting with small business and networks.  

She has some amazing outfits and is happy to assist in tailoring for the individual.  You know as much as I do love buying online I also love seeing local business getting their groove on and putting it out there.  In particular women passionate about there craft.  Wendi's joy was obvious on the night and in her cloths.  You know I'm not just about just the talk, I'm happy to say I did walk out with a little purchase ok a big purchase.  What can I say - local businesses need our support now and in the future.  Oh and what I purchased just suited me amazingly.

Thanks for a great night Wendi, I look forward to wearing my new wardrobe pieces and coming to your future events.

Well that's about it for me for the evening.

Happy weekend all
K x