Sunday, December 9, 2012

Do you freecycle?

Its a simple concept, pass on what you are not using to someone who can. given and received - with good outcomes all around.

Saves on land fill, cuts out middle men Oh and you get something that you want/need for free.  Could it get any better?

Well my latest acquisition was an overlocker.  Who gives away an overlocker I ask you.....  a little old lady who said she just popped it back in the box and hasn't had a chance to use it.

I set it up and it didn't work - doh but tell you the truth it looked like it had hardly been used.  The needle area was all jammed up.  Off it went to a repairer, $95.00 later and I have a working overlocker.

I'm looking forward to putting it to use in the formidable sewing room.

I've been collecting fabric and patterns for skirts.  My mum's booked in for a couple of lessons when we get the chance to get it happening.

Have you ever freecycled?  Did you have good experiences?

K x

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