Saturday, July 30, 2011

Hot off the press

Im so excited.....

sameliasmum's is starting to sell fabric well charm packs at the moment. 
How cool is that.  US priced fabric here in Australia.  Loving it.

Did I mention that she just so happens to be local to me??

Woo Hoo.....  Happy days..

Enjoy your weekends.

K x

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Sundays coMe And Go wAy tOo faSt

Well there seems to have been a little bit of an absence on my part.  What can I say, caught up with life as we know it.

Totally getting Pinwheeled out.
I'm trying to keep it smallish. 
Something to throw over the back of the couch.
What you can create with 2 little charm packs. 

There are more sprocket cushions happening.  I just need buttons....  

The Farmers wife quilt along is still happening.  More on that one later.  Eg: Once I've actually done some more.

I have been reading all of the farmers wives letters about their hopes and dreams for their own daughters.  The spirit and heart felt thanks of the day to day life on the land comes through each of these ladies letters.  It is so lovely to read the real warmth of their aspirations for their daughters to have similar experiences.  I feel as though I'm paying tribute to each and everyone of them.

Till next time.

K x

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Catching uP ! Slowly.......

So this one is the other half of week 3.  Love the pink in this one and the little dragonfly's.
 Week 4.  The one on the left was a bit tough.  It took forever.  But looks great.
1/2 of week 5.  It's a bit wonky, I think I might have to re do this one...   I was getting a bit tired.

Well thats about it from me for the week on the quilt-a-long.  I'm really happy with how it is coming along, considering I was so late in starting. 

Another week here.
Have a great one.
K x

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Kicking into the quilt-a-long

So this is my pile of stuff to finish.  :P   Oops....  But you know you just cant hurry somethings. 

I have this in my sights to decrease of the coming months.   (yes, my fingers are crossed)
Selecting some fabric from the crazy stash.  Arghhhhhhhhhhhh.....  I was looking at the box full of purple Japanese, and then I spied a scrap bag full of different colours Japanese fabrics with heaps of blues and purples picked up from a craft show a couple of years ago.  So I just popped an extra little few in the pile and away we go.
 Week 1, Done.

Week 2, Done. 

And 1/2 way thru week 3.

How good do these look? 
Enjoy your weekend.
K x

Friday, July 1, 2011

Sprocket Cushions - Have a new home

Remember the Sprocket cushions?  Well they found a new home in no time at all....   

Thanks Claude, I hope you enjoy them.
Fingers crossed the puppy doesn't make it their new home :)

Looking forward to the weekend and getting some sewing in.

K x