Monday, August 13, 2012

how often to we really pay attention?

Oddly you know I have actually been paying attention to things around me of late.  I'm not really sure why but some things have been jumping out.

Have you noticed?

You know generally crafters for a long time look to the latest fashion colours as they hit the furniture stores.  As they seem to be the leaders in a many colour combinations and designs.

But lately as soon as I see someone in blogland having come up with some funky new crafty pattern/concept its in the stores.  I'm wondering who is it that is coming up with the ideas.  Is it crafters or is large business or designers? 

All pictures are nicked. ( co/ Domayne online)

Anywho....  I love the Union Jack and Eiffel Tower in the cushions that I've seen.
But my question is?  not to anyone in particular mind you....  have crafty ideas and concepts gone main stream and mass produced in China? Like Typo - which I love to go for a wander thru and grab a quick couple of little things.  But is it loosing its handmade charm? Is it loosing the kitchy my Nana made that?  Or my Mum made me a quilt?

Any thoughts from the peanut gallery??

Have a great week. 

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