Thursday, August 30, 2012

Tough day. . . .

Too cute...  Would be gorgeous for a new born or toddler.

Couldn't resist.  Was nice to have a little splash.  Even if it isn't going to be used straight away.

Stopped by the little shoppe in Loftus, Julies today.  Such as busy little shop and a delight to visit.  Tucked away off the main roads.  Took me ages to find it a couple of years ago.  But you know there is something about the familiarity of dropping by your favorite patchwork shop.  I think my car could just take me there.  Somethng about the connection of like minds, happy women loving and sharing their passion with others.  Always a kind word and a friendly laugh of how much do you NEED....  LOL which the response is usually "I dont need it".  He hehehe I want it though, just to sooth my soul and need to consume.

Terribly sad day today.  But you know you just pick it up and keep on shuffling along.

Life.  I wonder. . . . .   There are some strange moments in it hey.

K x

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