Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Stubborn is as stubborn does...............

You know, what can one expect?
When you are stubborn then you are stubborn.  You cant hide from it.  It just is.

How often do you back down?  Have you or are you getting worse with age?
Do you take the time to understand someone elses opinions and needs?
Or do you just take the stubborn stance? Stand there tough as?  Alone in your stubbornness?

Maybe you just think it and let it go? Or maybe you don't? 

Maybe you are just as stubborn as me ;) (wink)....  Maybe you are more stubborn then me?
LOL Who knows...  maybe what is to be is to be?

Stubborn, stubborn, stubborn.......

I thought I'd cook this weekend. 



** pic to come once I have made it.... 

I have fond memories of my mum making it when we were kids.  She would make it on green jelly & crushed peppermint crisps...  Which was always a huge hit.

May the stubbornness find a release.  Or at least an open heart to accept things.

& may my flummery be as good as mum's used to be.
Happy mid week.
K x

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