Saturday, March 26, 2011

AnOtHer IdEa - AlWaYs fulL Of iDeAs..........

Its voting day here in NSW, Australia. Local state government that is.  Boring....  The last government god bless them have sold off our power companies to private organisations. 
I wonder what the new will do.  Anywhoo..  As I said, boring.......

Today's to do list.....
Vote, Check.
Ticket in 20 million lottery draw, Check.  Cause you never know... :))
And this the cover says, "we introduce our exciting mystery block of the month program....."
Too cute, blanket stitched applique. So I was thinking I might just do it.  Does anyone want to join me??? 

I like doing mystery quilts.. This is one I've completed previously as a mystery quilt from another quilting magazine. 
I enjoyed doing doing this one, because I didn't know what the end project would look like obviously cause it is meant to be a mystery right.  :)))  So pretty, the purples all came together beautifully.  I just added on the runner on the bottom of the hearts on the cream just to add some extra lengthen. 

So I was thinking this could be a fun quilt along in blog land...  and if you want to share pics along the way as to your choice in the different colour combinations you end up choosing....

If anyone wants to join me let me know..  Other than that I will bore you all silly as I quilt along on my own adventure.  :))

Happy Sewing
Kath x

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