Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Ok... So ...... NO MORE SHOPPING

At least for this week anyway.....

Ok, so some would think that I might have slowed down after 6 fabrics, but oh no. 
As you can tell by the pics, I didn't see any stop signs. 

And you know I just couldn't resist.  They all just looked so good blended in together.   The blues and greens..  Nice.  I love the green one with the little blue flowers.
and Then I found some yellows and reds. 

I couldn't pick a favorite.  So I just got some of them all.  There are about 21 - 20 different prints all up.  

I think this little haul will keep me going for a bit.  :)) 

Ok, so maybe no more purchases till I pull something out of the craft room....... 

Promise.  (fingers are crossed)...  Do I do patchwork/craft....  Maybe I just purchase the fabric and squirrel it away... 

Happy sewing all.  Oh and if you have a fabric affliction like me...  then share it with the world....  Dont hide it, celebrate it.....  

K x

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