Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Get to that machine. . . . sew like the wind girlie

Click clack sewing....  love it.  nice and easy looks effective, a bit of a no brainer (just what i need at the moment), and "cheap n cheerful".  What more can a girl ask for! 

I was thinking these little charm squares, are a charm.  Really if you were pressed for time you could just throw them altogether for a 5 inch square little lap quilt.  Or you could just sew the quarter inch each side of the centre ruled from corner to corner and fold out to have two triangles squared off together (like one segment of the pin wheel).  Effective. 

Oh and can I say.  I'm liking the limited cutting. 

Anywho... . . .  .  If I can get a couple done each night, then piece of cake.
Happy sewing all.
K x

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