Saturday, June 25, 2011

Sydney Craft & Quilt Fair...... 2011

What a week.  I had a girlie day with my Mum (Dawn) on Thursday we headed off to the Sydney Craft & Quilt Fair.  A lovely day, the sun shinning, and shopping to be had.  :)  Did I mention we went to shop?   
Japanese fabric covered buttons.. By Helen Yang, and yes if you want some done she will do for you.  Too easy.

Quiltmania (The English website) had some sensational books.  This one, which you all know had to come home with me is by Yoko Saito   Her work is just amazing, and the book is absolutely beautiful, translated into French and English, with some wonderful ideas which are totally drool worthy. 

Some treasures from Studio Mio I was thinking a little handbag.  So many things to choose from, these little bits were quickly tucked into the bag to come home with me too. 

 I was watching a demonstration for an Accugo Baby and the different colour options that the demonstrator actually got from this little sample was amazing.  So it too somehow managed to find its way into my bag not only one for me but one for Big Sis (Sue). 
I'm loving this girl at the moment Tula Pink.  This fabric is stunning, something different to pop into the stash... Reading her story on how she got started was interesting.  I wonder if there is actually much money in designing fabric.

The quilts on display by The Quilters' Guild of NSW Inc. were sensational as always.  I did manage to get some photos of some of the quilts.  The following is a selection of my favorites that I managed to get a good shot of them.  But of course photos just do not do these quilts any real justice.  The quality of the workmanship was amazing.   

Well that's about it from me on the Sydney Craft & Quilt Fair for 2011.  I've walked away all inspired and ready to hit the creative highway. 

The girlie day continued on with a visit with Dave, Nicky, Sam & Jess, and Denise.  Dinner was sensational, Nicky pulled out all the stops on the culinary delights.  Wonderful to catch up, and talk more creative ideas with Nicky and see some of the family. 

So we dragged our bottoms back down to the Illawarra, tired, shopped out, full bellies and in the afterglow of a wonderful day.  We will mark the calendar for next year.

Happy weekend all.
K x

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