Friday, June 10, 2011

AccuQuilt GO! Baby - Giveaway - Yes thats right GIVEAWAY

If you pop on over here to....   samelias mum You too can enter her fabulous giveaway.  Yes, you did hear me right.  You have a chance to win an "AccuQuilt GO! Baby"
 What does this little beauty do?  It cuts your fabric quickly and accurately, all at the turn of a handle.

LOVE IT.....  And yes I would love to win one.....

While you are over at samelias mum blog also check her Pin Wheel Tutorial using the AccuQuilt GO! Baby ......

So if you are craving your creative outlet and struggling for the inspiration & time.  This innovation is sensational for time poor quilters, who love accurate and fast cutting.  Talk about a quick and easy solution for us busy working girls and mums' who love to craft and quilt. 

Bring it on....

Have a go on the AccuQuilt GO! Baby.  Im sure we quilters won't look back on this innovation.

Thanks samelias mum for this great giveaway.

Happy long weekend.
K x

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