Sunday, February 10, 2013

Reusing = cheap & cheerful

So I went digging through a box of scraps to see if I had any pieces large enough to pop into the scrappy trip along.  The scrap box is now half, a bag to go out (cant imagine using some of it) and a pile for this project.  

Amazing what gets shoved into the "scrap box".   When i'm in tidy up mode whatever is floating about is shoved in.  So there were a couple of surprises.  

$2.00 for 1/2 a meter of fabric at Spotlight?   Cant go wrong with that...   

Happy Birthday to me...  LOL Happy Birthday to meeee....  hehehehe....

My fabulous sister sent me the Sunday Morning quilts and a bag that she's made.  I cant get a good pic of the bag so i'm not sharing.      

My present to me is some of the Ghastlies fabric.  Im undecided as to what I love the most "Sebastian Ghastlie" or "Mildred, Magda or Minerva Grislie".  Now I know I wont be planning anything RIGHT NOW with it.  But you know.  I love this range and if I don't grab some then I miss out...  :)

Just touching back on last weeks organised salad boxes and veg bags....  Even thou I have been sick through the week it did actually work a treat.  No thought required.  Dinner all sorted.  

So one guess what I will be doing this afternoon.

Feels good to get some motivation back to get organised.  
Have a great week.

K x 

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  1. Do you have any of the Ghastlie fabric left I am doing a quilt for my mom for christmas! thanks Debbie