Sunday, March 24, 2013

#IQS - It's going to take some effort

I joined my sister on a little weight loss challenge and started by cutting out some sugar from my diet a couple of weeks ago.  We had talked about it on her last visit and she mentioned someone she worked with dropping around the 30-40 kilo mark and is happier with no sugar.  Done over time of course, not a flash in the pan diet fad.  
So I thought I'd give it a go with her and started cutting out anything heavily overladen with sugar. I felt the effects of going cold turkey immediately. Obviously getting rid of the stuff in your face that you cant miss like sugar in coffee, chocolate, biscuits and lollies.  

Coming home from work one day Sarah Wilson was on the radio sprouting how much sugar yadda yadda yadda. Buy 
my book and try it out for yourself.

So I did what most women would do. I went and grabbed a copy.  We all know about reaching the end of the family block of chocolate, sugar glaze  firmly intact and wondering where it all went.

#IQS - the first thing I tried the "meal-in-a-biscuit crackers" didn't work for me. But I got the flavour and the principle.  Now I just need to get the technique down pat. Very expensive to make so   not working out was really annoying. I will be doing some research online to find some tips for that one before I try it again.

Sunday brunch and for a couple of days into the week. The "bacon and egg cupcakes" really hit the spot.  Give the weeties a rest for a couple of days.

Even weeties have sugar in them. It is amazing exactly how much sugar is in everything. Add that up over a day or two.

#IQS is pretty full on.  I'm not sure how much of it I will take on long term but happy to try a couple of recipes. I just can't see myself turning into a health freak. :)  Drinking vegetable juice every second day and at the organic health food shop every third.  But in saying that you just never know.  

What I'm looking for is small sustainable changes - How long can a girl go without Cadbury's?  Especially when it is Easter next weekend.

I'm glad I'm in the  habit of prepping for the week on Sunday.  Means I can be organised and I'm not scruffing around trying to come up with something at mealtimes during the week.  

So I'm off to make up same salad boxes and quinoa salad.  I'm trying red quinoa this week.  

Have a great week all.

K x  

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