Sunday, November 13, 2011

What are you grateful for?

The Gratitude Project, is on facebook.  Whats it all about..??  Go and check it out...   As extracted from FB.....  "Personalised cards created to cultivate the habit of saying thank you."  And you know it is as simple as that. 

Thank You.......................

For as much as we text and type, do we really ever take that personal touch anymore?  Well you can with these cards which are available from the Gratitude Project.

I've had a wonderful day today.  I was out and about for the day pottering around the Southern Highlands, NSW.  We went to a craft market in Bowral, the Highlands Design Collective, "A Christmas Fair".  Ran by these 2 lovely ladies highlands handmade blog.  It was a sensational market, with truly inspiring crafter's and makers from body lotions & creams with essential oils, cupcakes to die for, softies, bunting, beautiful rustic bread, Pate', clothes, canvasses, olives and soy candles and on the list goes.  It was good not too big, not too small a wonderful collection of bibs and bobs in an intimate environment..  Nice.  Not to mention the lovely devonshire tea.
We then hit the shopping strip in Bowral.  We found the cheese shop, oh yum, with locally produced cheeses, olive oils and vinegars to lust after for all those summer salads.  Not to mention all of the other shops on the strip in Bowral.

What has been happening in all of our strip shopping areas?  closures left right and centre.  It was noticeable in Bowral, as it has been in my own local shopping area.  Our shopping patterns are changing, as is the way we collectively meet, share and shop for life's essentials. I must say a day out shopping and touching and feeling fabrics, patterns and being surrounded by inspiration and inspirational people, talking and laughing over their passion.  The Internet just cant replace some personal preferences..  But it is too late, the machine has taken over and changed the way we live, communicate or live in our own little worlds. 

There is heaps happening over the next couple of weeks in the Highlands on the South Coast. 
The Southern Highlands Arts Studio Trail is on at the moment, we just happened to pop in here on the way home.  Celeste Coucke @ Cloud Farm Studio.  It was fogged in when we were there, but Celeste assures us the view is spectacular.  So when I get a chance, I'm going to pop back up there and check out the view, as it looks clean out over the Illawarra.

Well that's all folks, there hasn't been much crafting from me this weekend.  But it was wonderful to see what others are creating and inspiring.

Till next time.
Kath x.

PS:  I stole the picture from the Gratitude Project on Facebook.  Cause Goosie Lucy here forgot to take any photos of the day....  Oh and cause I love it.  :)

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