Saturday, January 28, 2012

We have a winner..... Woo hoo

I'm a bit chuffed at winning this period DVD series from samelias mum.  A very big thank you Anorina I'm looking forward to the marathon movie night.  :) 

I generally grab my mum cookbooks for Christmas, Mothers Day, and her birthday's.  She has a fabulous selection of cookbooks from Jamie Oliver and Stephanie Alexander all of the Australian Women's Weekly cookbooks.  Just to inspire her in the kitchen.  But you know this year, she mentioned she was a bit bored with the usual fare from Mr Oliver and that she might like someone different to try. 

I'm sure I caught a big wink there..... 

So this year I stepped up, I managed to find one of Janelle Blooms cookbooks for her, Janelle is ex Ready Steady Cook here in Aust.  She cooks everyday food that is good, wholesome, fresh and in season.   This recipe is care of Janelle her stuffed Mediterranean cabbage leaves.  Oh they were so delicious.  The lamb mince, pine nuts, ricotta, pancetta, feta rolled in cabbage leaves and cooked in chicken stock.   I must say, mum has been cooking up feasts with the different adventures that Janelle takes her on.  I have been hearing all about it....  So I thought I would give one of her recipes a go.   You can too, just check out her range of cookbooks if you are interested  janelle bloom - family food & weekend feasts  .

When you cut into the roll the inside merges with the chicken broth and goes all cheesy and basilly.  Oh lovely.  Just what I needed to sooth me today.

So next time I see a copy of this book on my travels I think I will pick it up for myself. ;)
There hasn't been a lot of sewing going on around here lately...  I have been off on other tangents with life as we know it.

I have managed to part with a few quilts of late, friends and other avenues.  You know there are only so many quilts I can keep.

Happy crafting all.
K x

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