Monday, February 10, 2014


Only one part of this years Birthday shenanigans - M E L B O U R N E  

Someone asked me on the plane if I was a local of Melbourne and if I had any tips of where to eat.  Not quite but I do love the place, my home away from home so to speak, so I thought I would share my adventures.  While there are some good treasures in Lygon Street I personally find it a bit of a tourist trap.  It doesn't really showcase the amazing eateries in and around Melbourne. The coffee and cafe culture is ingrained in Melbourne's essence of a city and is one that needs to be explored and treasured at your own leisure.  I have a hidden advantage (lol) meet Jen Jen.  A local for many years who is a foodie from way back.   Who somehow manages not only to find but book for some foodie adventures that are beyond words, not to mention she can sniff out a good coffee at 50 paces.  This is a synopsis of our weekend and what we managed to fit in in a couple of days.  Our experiences this weekend were on the shared table options rather then individual serves and keep in mind this was a treat weekend for us as we were celebrating both of our birthdays with a weekend in the city. 

Take it or leave it....  choose your own adventure as the saying goes and remember, if you don't like the look of it.  Just walk around the corner you are bound to find another place.  Particularly in Melbourne, the lane ways are thriving and fabulous food and places with ambiance that you may wish to never leave. Rooftop bars have sprung up everywhere with different cityscape views & amazing cocktails.

We started at the Spice Temple Bar - Southbank.  
We managed to get out of there for about $50 each with alcohol included for lunch.  
Loved the 豬 Pig  - Zubrowka vodka, sake, nashi pear juice and green tea (carafe) refreshing for a hot Melbourne lunchtime.
King Prawn wontons with aged black vinegar dressing & the Tea smoked duck with Mandarin pancakes cucumbers, spring onion, hoisin sauce were the favorites from around the table.

Walking off lunch.  We headed to graffiti lane just up off Federation Square.  You never know what you might see.  The colourful bridal party looked gorgeous against the graffiti work.

Cookies for dinner - in a revamped old building at the topish of Swanston Street.  We managed to get on a terrace which was great on a hot night.  This is one hip and happening place.  The food is Asian inspired and booking is a must otherwise you could be up for a wait - it is popular.  The food was fabulous soft shell crab and the 5 spice chicken is to die for.  

With wine about $50 a head.  Local hangout with lots going on in the building.   If you get a chance go and explore the other levels.  The service here was great.

This is what I'm talking about just turn down the next corner.  Strolling to Vic Markets we noticed this shop as we rounded the corner coffee filled the air and we stumbled upon A Little Bird Told Me cafe @  29 Little LaTrobe Street.  Worth a visit if you are about and in need of coffee and/or cake.  

Too true.  European Bar on Exhibition Street had a great rooftop bar with water mist to cool off the space.  Great place to meet up and have a drink.  Caribbean punch - for a pre dinner drink.
San Telmo for dinner - again book as it is popular with the locals. Argentinian themed.  We had fried polenta chips and broccoli to start followed by potatoes cooked in duck fat, steak off the grill, pork belly and the fennel and asparagus salad with blue cheese sprinkled through it.   We finished with a chocolate tart and handmade ice cream.  

Sensational food, the service here was ridiculously good nothing like a bit of attention to detail.  With wine about $60-70 a head.  I would highly recommend this place.  You could get out of it cheaper if you really wanted to and apparently they do a mid week special.  For maximum enjoyment go with friends and do the share options.

There is a rooftop bar in this lane too I missed the name thou.  Be ready for the stairs.   Great atmosphere and the drinks slip down easily with city skyline views.  

Well this weekend flew by.  Melbourne never ceases to amaze me subtle changes throughout the city however the same essence with a modern cutting groove going on.  Heaps of inner city apartments going in so the city itself is busy with life, shopping and things to do. If you haven't been for a while get booking and plan out some places to have your own little experience.  

I didn't get to catch up with as many friends as what I had hoped this time, but this just gives me an excuse to go back sooner rather then later.   

Have a great week all.
K x x x 

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