Monday, June 16, 2014

Back from the quilters = excitement

Just back from the quilters.    

I had some Prints Charming fabrics stashed away ages ago (collecting dust....  shhhh) and wanted to get them into a quilt.  I didn't really have a pattern so I based the design on 12 inch blocks finished. Mixed with a basic small dot of a mid and light pink and an orange and threw it all together without too much fuss.  I'm not really into orange however it was a dominate colour in the original Prints Charming fabric range and it just seemed to go.  Oh and my aim was to use as much of the Prints Charming fabric as possible so I don't have heaps hanging around except in the scrap box pile.

Originally I had grand aspirations of hand quilting with perle 8 cottons to match off on the quilt but you know.......  T I M E was a slight problem.  And you know there is always another quilt to be started.  The quilting is a dragonfly pattern from edge to edge, simple and elegant.  

I will be focusing on getting the binding finished and having another finished quilt for the year.  

The count is now 2.. in my finish year of 2014.  

Surf's up! Today.....  A couple of shots from my afternoon walk.

I love this time of day when the sun is setting over the mountains and the evening is creeping in. 

Someone said to me the other day that there isn't any such thing as magic, but you know I suppose you only notice the magic if you are looking for it.  Or if you want it in your life.

I noticed the surf rolling in tonight and the number of surfers out looking for their waves to end their day.  Talk about braving the chill.

Made me wonder if this was their "magic".  Pretty magical part of the day if you ask me.    

Not too long now for the shortest day of the year.     

Have a great week all.

K x 

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