Thursday, April 19, 2012

April happenings......

Soooo I thought I would share with you some of what my Mum has been upto lately since I haven't been doing any crafty stuff cause the books are ruling my life of late (more on that later). 

Mum enters some of her knits into the Sydney Royal Easter show each year.  Although she didn't win any prizes this year they kept her knits on display with the winners.  I figure they do this because her knits are fabulous of course.  Not biased at all....  (ahmmm  Proud Daughter moment here). 

Even thou she hasn't been well of late she keeps knitting like a trooper. She currently has projects with watermelon coloured Samoyed dog hair on the go at the moment.  Now I this sounds strange, but can I just say the colour is spectacular and the softness and warmth of the yarn is amazing.  So if you are out and about trawling through the markets in the Southern Highlands over the winter period try and have a look out for some of them I think you will be pleasantly surprised. 

 Back right hand corner is Mum's the multi coloured patchwork one.

Head turn to the right (sorry I couldn't get it to load up properly) The pink one with the collar.

I must say she is a bit chuffed at having them displayed with so many people walking past each day admiring her handiwork even if she didn't win any prizes with them.

So about me?  I have been head down bottom up on the study at the moment.  Exams are looming so I'm hitting the books.  The house is a bomb and I have a thousand and one things to do personally which is all on hold till next week.  I'm looking forward to wrapping this one up and thinking about what to do next.  Im play chinese laundries due to the constant rain, the garden is overgrown in need of some TLC and there is cleaning to do done.  But there will be time for all of that over the next couple of weeks.

I found this Balinese sculpture somewhere.  Sorry can't remember where.   
The serenity and calmness, she looks so at peace with herself.   

Till next time.
Happy crafting....
K x


  1. Wow, you're mum sure does have talent.

    I'm a bit of a newbie to knitting, so I've got a lot of catching up to do. I'd be a bit shy to enter in competitions at this stage! I recently bought a bunch of supplies here because I've hurt my hip and can't head all the way to the shops!

    Can you tell your mum that she is an inspiration to me? I hope she also knows that you're a proud daughter! :)

    Sally Anne Peters

    1. Hi Sally,
      Thanks for your comment.
      Mum asked me to let you know she buys a lot of her yarn from Bendigo woollen mills in Vic.
      You can find them on line.
      Skill level dose not matter im sure there are opportunities for displaying beginner work too.


  2. Loved the collar. Your mum is pretty talented. :D and that sculpture is pretty cool. Seen lots of those in Sri Lanka when I went there.