Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Where's Craftybarter girl?

Well this Crafty Barter girl took a little mid year break off work and pulled out all the stops to get some quilting stuff done at home and chill out for the week with lots of walking and relaxing in the sunshine.    

This years focus for me is all about finishing.  Preferably the sewing variety of finishing.  

I'm excited to report Number 2 & 3 completely DONE, and Number 4 is currently at the quilters for quilting.  

Number 2 

Number 3

I have also finished off my scrappy trip along top.  All ready to get quilted.  

I then started rummaging around and found these pinwheels and fabric that my sister had started and got over.  "Oh you like this stuff" I'm sure I remember her saying to me as she said "you'll do something with it.. "  Well that was over a year ago.  Oddly I just happened to have a little stash of Bonnie and Camille fabrics to add to it.    

Soo....  I got cracking...  I have something in mind and it is slowly taking shape.
What to do with so many pinwheels?  easy cut them down and turn some of them into little houses.  :)

The cotton reels are quick and made from cutting down charm pack squares adding the sides and topping and tailing them up.  Simple and effective.

Inspiration from here and some other patterns hanging around that I have been wanting to sample up.
Well that is how my productive week went down.  

The focus is still on..... to F I N I S H..  

There is another already at the quilters due back in a couple of months so stay tuned for that one.

Happy stitching all.
K x x x x 

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