Sunday, January 4, 2015

2 0 1 5 - Did you ever want a patchwork quilt? this could be for you.......

Happy New Year everyone hope everyone is well rested from over the Christmas break.  

My plan is to kick into the year with a minimalist adventure.  (for those who know me this will be interesting)

I'm feeling really overwhelmed with too much stuff everywhere.  Do you know what I mean? Stuff everywhere from clothes to fabric, quilts and crafty stuff.  Just stuff.  So my plan is to de-clutter and de-own some S T U F F....  

If you have admired some quilts from last year and haven't had the courage to ask, they are for sale.  The main idea is to at least recover some of the cost of making them in particular the price of quilting.  Not necessary the overall cost of the quilt.

$350.00 for this one (neg) but obviously somewhere nearish.
It is a large one will fit a queen bed - made with 100% cotton, wool & bamboo batting for warmth and has been professionally quilted.  It is a one off (my design), light and summery bright.  You will only find it once.  Once it is gone then it is gone.

$150.00 for this one it is smaller and would suit a cot, back of the couch or tummy time for bub on the floor.  Made with 100% cotton, wool & bamboo batting for warmth and comfort. 
It too has been professionally quilted.   

Quilts can be machine washed and line dried which will increase the overall feel and look of the quilt as they soften up with use.

If you are interested please get in contact.

Have a great week all.  As I find other things to list I will let you know.

Happy crafting and de-cluttering.


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