Sunday, October 16, 2011

Birthdays everywhere

Where have I been.....  Well I've been busy.  I have managed to get a free builtin wardrobe & a wonderful friend helped me get in what I wanted, which will give me heaps of storage in my wardrobe.  Oh and I would like to say I got it all for nicks.  How?  Freecycle on Yahoo.  Someone had ripped it out of their bedroom and didn't want it.  After borrowing a ute (woo hoo I got to be a ute chick)  and someone to help me get it all in the ute and home in one piece.  There was enough for me, and friend.  Sensational.

The picture on the right is how much rain we have been getting. OMG...  Nothing like a little bit of rain.  Saturday morning it absolutely bucketed down.  & I had a party to go to...  Arghhh  thankfully it started to clear.

How many birthdays can one have in a row...? 

October is the month for me.  But they are nearly all done now.  :))
I have been trying to get some housie stuff done.  My front courtyard garden has been so overgrown with grass and weeds.  Crazy, so I got cracking this morning and cleared it out.  I will replant out the whole thing the plan is to get a weed mat in so hopefully it wont get this bad again..

There hasn't been a lot of sewing going on of late..   
But there is something coming..... 

Have a great week all.

x x

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