Saturday, October 29, 2011

Oops! Who put that there?

Truly I don't know how on earth that fabric got into my handbag.  Well that's my story & I'm sticking to it. 
Seriously thou, how could I resist. Spotlight is having a 40% off all quilting fabric this weekend.  So I thought I would go for a little wander.   You know, just to see if I could find any of Denise Schmidt's last line that she did with Spotlight.......   After a big dig this is what I unearthed in my local store.
So anyways I thought I would get a little bit.  You know just to add to the stash, cause you know there isn't enough in my craft room already..... 

Oh and the ladies at the counter know me as the "crazy quilter lady"....  ha ha ha ha ha ha.  Could always be worse... Nothing like dragging up 12 bolts of fabric for some of each...... 

Happy sewing all...  And may the weekend fairies be with you all to help finish of some crafty stuff..

Best I go and get busy with it...

K x

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