Sunday, October 30, 2011

Finishing some bits off.......

Thought I would just have a day of trying to finish off some things that I have started and they are half done or you know they are nearly there.  Just to get them done before I start something else.

Finally, LOL finally finished this bag. I'm hearing a cheer from up north.  My sister helped me with this one ages ago.  I love the panel on this.  Very cute and easy to stitch around.  My sister just made a cushion out of a remaining panel which was lovely.

Meet "Grace", I thought the other little softie one might like a friend.

You know so they can pop off with their little suitcases under their arms for some adventures together.

I might have to find a home for them. 

These little softies are great because you can just use scraps and little lengths of lace and doilies a bit of hand stitching and tonnes of different effects.  Its on a small scale so it is a quick and effective win.

I had been looking for a triangle template for the past couple of months well I don't know why but I ended up looking in my craft room.  & guess what...  I had one tucked away.  I don't know if I bought it or if someone gave it to me.   But I had one.  I made some "bunting" ....  Fun, effective and easy peasy. 

New motto, before I go rushing off to buy something, check the cupboard out first just in case.

K x

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  1. thats very lovely i like your Dolls.

    Greatings from the Nederlands send you Conny