Saturday, September 22, 2012

Cookie cut outs? Not !

I read some mummy and me blogs.  You know the ones, where the kids always look like cookie cut outs and mum and dad just seem to have it all going on.  Good looks, great house, car, kids... blah blah blah.

Funny how that quick second snap of the flash on someones life can make it all appear veneerial.  No pimples on chins or unwashed snotty nosed kiddies, not a hair out of place.  I'm sure you know the type. 

Well I love it when they to talk about their bad days too.  Cause know its all about keeping it real folks.  No one is the cookie cut out.  LOL even if on the surface they may appear to be.

The past few weeks/years of my life have revolved around working my butt off in attempting to do a Masters in Management at uni.   I've undertaken (self inflicted) an Advanced project management subject this semester.  OMG....... the amount of work is ridiculous particularly whilst trying to work full time and have some sort of life in between. 

Well first assessment in, what an absolute disaster.  I swear I was nearly crying by the end of the class.  In embarrassment.  What can I say, I just didn't get the brief.  I couldn't get my pea brain around the whole thing, didnt know who to talk to or where to get started.  I ended up turning in something that was seriously no where near the standard that it needs to be at for what I'm attempting. 

So I f*cked up. But don't we all at some stage?

I don't have an undergraduate in anything.  Just life per say. 

I'm personally paying to put myself through this.  Character building I'm sure some would say.  Absolutely mad is all that I can hear from myself.

But you know I made the decision, this is where I am.  Warts and all trying my hardest and in the process of sucking it up and getting on with it.

There is no time to continue to beat myself up, the session runs through in 11 weeks and there is only 6 weeks left.  So I need to be able to turn it around pretty quickly and get on with the next assessment and prepare for the exam. 

So this weekend i'm popping on the war paint, coming up with a plan and slipping on my big girl panties and getting on with it. 

Assessment 2 is due in a couple of weeks.  So fingers crossed I can get some ground back.

Have a great weekend all.

K x 

P.s....... Oh and remember its the warts & all that makes it all so much more interesting.

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