Friday, November 16, 2012

ahhh - the long awaited *sigh*

and just like that after 5 straight days of study where my eyes were getting blurry with reading, a 3 hour exam, a very big *sigh*  the university session was done..   Blink and you miss it that's another 2 subjects done.   

So you know there was a little happy dance to celebrate and a couple beers.
Lucky for me I made it in one piece and my sanity intact.     

Two more subjects to go and I will have myself a completed Masters in Management. 

I'm visualising the whole cap and gown,  :)  Something to aim for.  Keep me focused to hit the end result. 

Well that's nearly me for the year.  So good to realise the year is wrapping up, summer is trying to come and the fat man in the suit isn't that far away and then a nice little holiday poking around and hopefully hitting the sewing room. 

So you know I found a great quilt as you go tutorial a couple of weeks ago.  And can you believe that I cant find it now.  I have been trawling through all the usual blogland haunts and nothing.....    I sort of have it in my head as to how it is supposed to go.  So I was thinking I might just give it a crack and see what I can come up with. I will post a couple of pics along the way and share with you all.
 :)  Fingers crossed.

Have a great weekend all.
K x

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