Wednesday, January 1, 2014

2013 - That's a wrap

Its been a long time between visits into this space.

Not much sewing going on.  I've been getting my hexagons on thou.  Pic to follow later when I've made more progress.  I've picked up some fabulous tips and tricks on free tutorials online which has helped immensely.  

Uni is all done and dusted not just for the year I am finished.  Yea me.  Amazing how working at something and chipping away actually pays off.   I remember thinking (stressing) about it and if I could do it. Well it is now done.  The saying "passes = degrees" is true.  I found one subject to be a bit of a waste of time I have the mark to prove it and a nasty letter to the Dean, however for the main part, time well invested.  I did get a distinction on my last subject which I'm immensely chuffed about.   Being a mature age student has pros and cons but you know I can happily tick off another personal bucket list goal and be satisfied of my personal achievement.  If I had another opportunity to study I would probably go and do undergrad psychology.  Extremely interesting and great to do some self reflection.

Christmas has been a pretty quite affair in this neck of the woods this year.  Good just quite.  Things have shifted with the loss of another dear soul from my life.  Someone who has been a constant for over 25 years and who is being dearly missed.

Its time to get the passport renewed, dust off the suitcase and find a destination to visit and to pull out the bucket list and start hitting the next one.

May 2014 be a more joyous year for all.

Kath x

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