Wednesday, January 19, 2011

FabRic ShOppInG online???

Well there is a first time for everything.
With all the pros and cons of buying on line.
How can one argue when the dollar is so exceptionally good.  As much as I want to buy local and support my local patchwork shop (Hobbysew or a couple in Southern Sydney), I'm also on a hideous budget.  So I took the plunge and tried buying online and some of it has arrived.  So excited....

The rest to arrive over the next couple of days.
Well this is one happy customer...  And balance is aways a good thing.
Little bit online, and off to visit the local in a couple of weeks. 

Kath x

1 comment:

  1. Not sure which would require more self control (in store or on line)... in store you get to touch and really appreciate the colours which gets me in trouble... but on line well it could be worse. I'm not gonna try it. Not that I've finished the last quilt yet anyway.