Sunday, January 30, 2011

Things that Ive wanted to try and test out........

So today has been the day of experiencing new things.... 

This is just a little quilt, I have been wanting to finish it for ages.  The fabric was purchased years ago (6 oops) in Christchurch, New Zealand.  The fabric is 100% patchwork cotton but has been up dyed and
re printed on.  So the bit that I had been wanting to try, is machine stitching on binding.  Talk about time saving.  Pit falls, cause you know there are always some of them.  :)  I'm not the most confident machine sewer.  So it is a little funky in places eg: corners.    But you know I figure, for a small girls doll's quilt, or new born tummy time blankie, its OK to get thrown around and chucked in the wash.  It isn't going into any competitions, or the like.   Oh not to mentioned. IT IS FINISHED...  WOO HOO... :))))

Overall Happy with this. 

Bircher Muesli.... yum yum just a little bit sweet.  Fresh blueberries and yoghurt
Yes I will be having that again for breakfast.. ..  but less apple juice.


And the above 3 pics, are of a covered journal.  Cause I have been wanting to cover one as well.  There isn't any stitching on it yet.  But it does have pocket flaps, and is reversable as you can see. I might pop on some stitching and pop a Tye on it to jazz it up a bit.  :)

Happy sewing.
K x

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