Saturday, January 29, 2011

Oh how I love Saturday's . . . .

It has been a tad Hectic in my world this week.

But I did manage to squeeze in a little vicarious living!

So a very big thanks to Jennifer over @
She has been busy uploading pics from the 2011Toyko International Great Quilt Festival, that she recently attended.  Can I say each year, I sit with my eyes glued as close to the screen as possible to see her pictures..  Just to make sure I don't miss anything.  :)  Because I love to meander through her photos wishing that I had been there myself to see them in the flesh.  So many fabulous quilts again this year.  But I must say.  This one did catch my eye.  I'm not sure if it was the template design, the different fabrics used, colour or the extra bits stitched in detail.  You can see the detail on a closer up shot of the quilt on Jen's Flickr photo stream.  Which you can link off to from her blog.  Check them all out if you get a chance.  Because they are truly inspirational.

 Sometimes the biggest isn't always the best.. . . .  sometimes it can be the detail or the colour.  Or maybe something that we haven't seen for a little while

So while I was out pottering about this morning, trawling through one of my local thrift shops I found this.

Yes I know it looks tacky.  But this template was in it.  Spools or perhaps better known as apple cores.  Which you know got me all inspired again.... 

You never know.  I might just find my way back to my sewing room this weekend... 
Thinking about what fabric I could use in this project.....  hmmm  best I go for a dig through the cupboard. ;)

Happy sewing all, oh and happy drooling over all of those beautiful Japanese quilts... 
Kath x

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