Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Weekends away - Melbourne and surrounds

A little birthday present to myself.  A weekend away to Melbourne to catch up with a friend. Who's birthday just happens to be on Valentine's day. 

We started here on Saturday.  If you cant see the name on the building it is Costco.  OMG.  Talk about needing a scooter to get around that place.  A tad full on.  But fun to go and have a look and check it out.  It would be great if you are feeding a family.  I think there is one coming to Sydney soonish.....  If the big Muper Sarkets stop blocking it.

Some architecture in Kensington.
Then on to breakfast, at this place (below)....  Retro heaven.  Great coffee.. 
Did I tell you I can sniff out a craft shop at fifty places :))  http://www.onabee.com/  Same street.  Some very lovely little things.  They are carrying hand crocheted heirloom scarfs by Sophie Digard from France.  Which I must say "spectacular:.  Add that to your bucket list or want list you can check them out on the above link.

Then off to Anglesea, which is on the Great Ocean Road.  Just for a bit of fresh air and good food.

Lovely trees.  Their colour is amazing.

 Home...... to find this in my letter box.  The directions are great.  Thank you Big Sister ;).

Have a great week
K x

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  1. Very impressive summary of the weekend & LURVE your pictorials, BRAVO!