Friday, August 5, 2011

Favorite things

I love arriving home from work to a parcel on my doorstep...  Oh the joy of ripping open the packet woo hoo.  Something I have been sweating on.

Well I've been online again, what can I say, it was on sale...... how could I possibly resist?

I love this range of fabric by Tula Pink.  Parisville.  Inspirations stemming from a magazine and the 2006 Marie Antoinette movie.  Well I only have one thing to say. 


Oh the romance, it oozes off the fabric.  And I must say, the romanticism from the last remake of Marie Antoinette (2006) stayed with me for some time too.  So I'm feeling some strange connection to this fabric.... 

I got something else too, but you know a girl has to keep some mystery. 

After this unseasonal warm weather we have had this week.  It feels like spring is starting early here in Australia this year.  Fingers crossed anyway. 

Have a happy sewy weekend all.  May the cotton treads of life be with you all.
Enjoy the weekend.

K x

P.s. look out for weekend posts as I get some stuff churning out of the sewing room with lightning speed...

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