Sunday, August 7, 2011

Progressive fudgy Sundays

I have been working on this pinwheel one for some time now.  Oh and I must say I'm over seeing it on the design wall.  Best I just get into it and get it done.  Then onto something new.....

So Ta daaaaaa . . . .   Picture on the left start point, on the right all together.  Just!

One wise ole Aunt of mine who shall remain nameless, who has more than 20 years patchwork and quilting experience said to me once "you know K... sometimes it's NOT all about ones ability to have everything matching up perfectly. Sometimes you just have to fudge it....." So fudge it I have.

Am I pleased with the results?  Goodness yes, what hasn't been fudged out will be quilted out.  :)

Im thinking a white border, say 4 inch top and bottom but about 8 - 10 on the sides.  With red perle 8 stiching on the sides. 

K x

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