Sunday, August 21, 2011

Me or the Zipper.....

I have had this Japanese dragonfly stitchery completed for AGES...  & AGES.  It has been sitting in the pile for things to get finished off.  Which you all know is massive...

To tell you the truth the thought of installing a zipper has scared the pants off me.  But they look good in cushions and it lets you take out the insert and wash it.  

Well today I sucked it up, how hard can it be.....

It was actually a bit of a cinch. 

Suppose it helps when you get to check out tutorials like this over at sew mama sew :)  So a very big thanks...  for the confidence.

The tutorial suggested installing a little flap over the zipper which means the cushion is now reversible. 

Two for one love it. 
Only problem now is which side do I like best???

Anywho, enough chitter chatter on the successful cushion... 

K x

Ps. Last nights Boeuf Bourguignon was sensational, if you get a chance try it out.

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