Sunday, August 28, 2011

Shiny little things

It was a hassle trying to get more covered buttons. No credit card facilities, so I thought I would try making my own.  I just grabbed a little packet from Spotlight and followed the instructions.  Cute hey.  They look good, and it was easy peasy...  I want them for the next set of sprocket cushions...  Which are happening below.

I was surfing about the other day, on a couple of other blogs that I lurk on and I found a great tut for a spiders web block here .  Honestly with instructions as clear as this tut how can you go wrong! 

The effect is amazing, shame I don't have too much more of this hydrangea fabric left in this colour way.  Oh well.  I'm visualising another cushion maybe.
The last of the Sprocket cushions, I'm just struggling trying to get the button onto this set.  I will have to try again.  Maybe I have too much wadding in them.  Oops.....  :)  These ones are a bit wonky.  Not to worry. 

Enjoy the last of the weekend

K x

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